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Our Services include:

  • Season Opening
  • Season Closing
  • Vinyl Inground and Onground Liner Replacement
  • L.E.D. Light Installations
  • Salt Systems
  • Ozone Systems
  • Equipment Replacement 
  • Pumps, including Variable Speed pumps with 90% energy savings
  • Filters of all types
  • Vinyl Lockin Winter Covers
  • Water Bag Covers
  • Safety Covers
  • Backyard Restorations including: 
  • New Decking with Concrete or Interlocking Brick
  • Landscape Retrofits

Underwater Dive Repairs

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                               Francesca Designs 

Francesca Designs  is a full design firm operating since June 2009, with expertise in the following specific areas;
  • Interior/Exterior Design
  • Staging 
  • Decor for Personal and Corporate Events 
  • Customized Urn Decor 
Pool Open Service

Deluxe Opening Service - $270.00 + HST. 

Prepaid by May 1, 2018 is $255.00 + HST.

Includes the following: 

1. Remove water from cover if applicable. 

2. Remove solid cover, brush to clean, fold cover and place near storage area for customer storage. 

3. Alternatively, remove Safety Cover, flush and reseat cover anchors, fold and place cover near storage area for cutomer storage. 

4. Remove Winterizing plugs

5. Install equipment drain plugs and strainer baskets

6. Prime and start filter/pump (providing system is operational).

7. Check circulation for adequate flow. 

8. Install ladders, handrails, diving board and in pool light if applicable. 

9. Add initial spring shock. 

Customer Responsibilities

1. Make certain electrical power to equipment area is turned on. 

2. Adjust water level to proper operating levels. 

3. Circulate water for 24 hours and have water analyzed for proper balance.

4. Add necessary sanitizer and balancing agents. 

Pool Close Service

Deluxe Closing Service - $265.00 + HST

Prepaid by Aug 31, 2018 is $250.00 + HST

Includes the following: 

Remove Equipment drain plugs and drain the following if applicable.

1. Circulation Pump

2. Filter

3. Heater

4. Sanitizer Feeder

5. Directional inlets and blow water from circulation lines. 

6. Install customer winterizing plugs and skimmer freeze protection devices. 

7. Add winterizing chemicals.

8. Lower water level to appropriate levels. 

9. Remove ladders, handrails, diving boards, if applicable. 

10. Place removed accessories together at pool side for customer storage. 

11. Install customers winter cover as provided. 

Customer Responsibilities 

1. Vacuum pool prior to closing.

2. Balance water prior to closing.

3. Make certain electrical power is available prior to closing. 

4. Make certain winterizing plugs and freeze protection devices are available at pool side. 

5. Turn off electrical power to equipment after Deluxe Closing Service is completed. 

6. Store removed accessories as desired. 

7. Pools larger than 20x40 are subject to 25% increase in price.